Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Any personal information that you transmit to ForeignGrad Edutech Pvt. Ltd. and its affiliates will be used only for purposes of processing your application, the assessment and processing of any other administration relevant to A ForeignGrad Edutech Pvt. Ltd. This privacy policy applies to the services made available at and its subdomains alongside our mobile application, Dhananjay IAS Academy, hosted on Google Play and Store. Mobile Application is hosted by ‘AppX’ developer and the Email ID of the developer is

The website and mobile application will be hereinafter collectively referred to as Platform.

Statistical information derived from any personal information transmitted to ForeignGrad Edutech Pvt. Ltd. via this Platform may be shared with third parties but will not include any personally identifiable data.

Location information – Access to location/GPS data is optional and doesn’t effect the services at all. If the user has granted access to the location/GPS data, We may collect and use this information to create a heatmap or to improve our services in a particular geographical region.

A user can send an email on Email ID to get his/her account delete from our system. We will erase data of the user from our system. However, in some cases, we will retain the information for as long as it is required for the purpose of complying with legal obligation or business compliances.

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